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Treatment of Male Sexual Problems

Approximately 31% of men suffer from sexual dysfunction in their lifetime. These disorders include erectile dysfunction, orgasmic problems, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, and premature ejaculation. Lifestyle changes and risk factor modifications can be helpful.

Treatment of Female Sexual Disorders

Sexual problems have been associated with relationship problems and may interfere with overall health. Despite growing awareness, they are not typically identified and treated.

Anger Management Therapy

The goal is to reduce both your emotional outbursts and physiological arousal. It is a psychotherapeutic program for anger prevention and control.

Treatment of Behavioural Problems

Disruptive behaviours at home or in school can be serious in nature. ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, eating disorders, and dissociative disorders require detailed assessment and should be managed with care and support.

Thought Problems

Disorganised way of thinking is seen in certain disorders like schizophrenia in which the patient expresses in abnormal ways while speaking or writing. These are disturbances in cognition that need to be managed through medicine and psychotherapy.

Personality Disorders

These are mental health issues where you have a rigid and unhealthy way of thinking, behaving, and functioning. People can have trouble perceiving and relating to situations and people.

Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Feelings of worry, anxiety, or fear are strong enough to interfere with daily activities. These include panic disorders, phobias, PTSD, and OCD.

Treatment of Depression

Persistently low mood, lack of interest in daily activities, and lack of energy can be due to a combination of biological, social, and psychological sources of stress. It is very common and more than 10 million cases are seen in India every year.

Addiction Treatment

Addiction to substances such as alcohol, opium, marijuana, nicotine, and certain behaviors like gambling and internet gaming is a complex condition. It is a brain disease that is manifested by compulsive use despite harmful consequences.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Individual and personalized assistance with education, personal, social, and psychological issues in which all relevant facts are studied and analyzed and a solution is sought.


Creating a state of focussed attention with increased suggestibility can help in many disorders and also in general well-being.

Life Coaching

Creating a motivating environment for increasing performance through shared understanding and developing a partnership between the coach and coachee can be useful in lots of real-life situations which are not mental disorders but major barriers in personal development.

PEMF Therapy

It's a technology for producing electromagnetic fields with various waveforms and frequencies in order to support the body's natural recovery process. This therapy is useful in stress management, relaxation, and sleep and for increasing performance.